Using Visual Meditation for Increasing Power of Gratitude – Law of Attraction

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The Law Of Attraction - Power of Gratitude

Increase the Power of Law of Attraction Gratitude With Visual Meditation The law of attraction has fast become an everyday part of our lives and one of those laws is gratitude. To express gratitude deeply is one of the fastest and simplest ways to manifest your dreams and desires.     law of attraction gratitude     This is a wonderful visualization meditation that will guide you through techniques that will directly influence the manifestation of your dreams by helping you to highly increase the vibration of gratitude within yourself. Alpha binaural beats are used in this practice to enhance the effects of your gratitude visualization.   Visual meditation works well for people who find it more difficult to focus on a mantra or a particular topic. Imagery is the most fundamental language we have as everything we do is processed through the mind as an image. You can use the visual meditation technique to harness the energy of your imagination. When first practicing this technique, you may find that 15 - 20 minutes a day initially to ensure that you're learning to do it properly is adequate. Many people find it easier to practice visual mediation first thing in the morning and again at night before falling asleep, As you become more experienced and comfortable with the technique, you'll be able to do it for just a few minutes at a time as required throughout the day. Soft and soothing music is a wonderful accompaniment to most meditation methods and is a very personal choice.