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Use Law of Attraction affirmations to create love, peace, joy, prosperity and a sense of well-being. Today is the start of a new life for you! In this video, Louise Hay gives you a one-hour [More]
What is an Affirmation and How does it Help Us in Manifesting Our Desires? An affirmation is every repetitive thought we think or word we say, whether to ourselves or out loud. Some of these [More]
  Using Binaural Beats to Attract Abundance & Wealth ~ Affirmations   Affirmations for money, wealth and prosperity are one of the well accepted and also an easy way to train the mind to focus [More]
  Gratitude is the key to happiness, abundance, law of attraction, and raising your vibration. Gratitude affirmations will help you to be more appreciative of what you have already, which helps you to attract more [More]