Power Affirmations – The Secret To Positive Thinking

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Positive Thinking – Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Positive thinking, your overall attitude and how you see the world directly impacts your life. The kind of optimistic positive thinking helps you manage stress better, improves your health and allows you to overcome many setbacks quickly and easily. The negative thinking of a pessimist doesn’t help you cope with stress and will most likely create more stress.


How Does Thinking Positive Work?

Positive thinking is about seeing the positive situation in your life and in the world. That doesn’t mean you ignore negative events and don’t prepare for the future. It’s not about thinking that everything is going to be wonderful and no harm will ever come to you. You have to be realistic and learn from your past experiences and failures.

Positive thinking means that you focus on finding solutions, approach those negative events a little differently and focus on having the best work out for you instead of always looking at the worst. You want your goal to be seen as the glass half full instead of half empty. Therefore, whenever you encounter unpleasant situations, you approach them differently and deal with them in a more productive and positive way.

Steps To A Positive Thinking Habit

Positive thinking starts with your thoughts and your personal self-talk. Endless words and thoughts that you say to yourself throughout the day seem automatic. Some come from using logic and reason, while others come from your perceptions, judgements, and interpretations based on a lack of information. It’s this kind of self- talk that is often negative and creates some harmful damage which lead to more stress.

When you have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts, your outlook on life tends to be pessimistic and you’ll end up in more negative situations, with more struggle and pain. Now, if your thoughts are positive, then you’re most likely an optimist and you probably practice positive thinking daily. You’ll enjoy life more and won’t have as much stress to deal with.

Applying Positive Thinking

The quicker you turn negative thinking into positive thinking, the better and it’s a lot easier to do than you think, it just takes some time, and practice. After all, you’re changing they way you think and creating a new habit… which takes time. Here are some things that you can do to be more positive and optimistic:

1) Identify the negative thought patterns that need to be changed. For example: you might be negative at work, so track your thoughts, identify the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts.

2) Laugh and have fun: Laugh at yourself and try to laugh at other things as much as you can. Laughter will reduce the stress and help eliminate the negativity. Find humor in things, even when they don’t work out the way you want. You can either laugh or cry, choose to laugh. Do something you enjoy just for the fun of it, for it will make the day go much smoother and be more pleasant.

3) Eat better, work to stay healthy: Choose to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. The mind and body are connected. A health body leads to a health mind which leads to less stress and a better quality of life.

4) Randomly track your daily thoughts: Throughout the day catch yourself thinking. Question your thoughts…positive?…or negative? If you’re having some negative thoughts, change them to positive thoughts. This kind of habit leads to positive thinking sooner.

5) Practice positive self talk: Choose to speak positive words to yourself and choose to have positive thoughts. Use gentle words and when you find yourself saying something negative, change it to something positive. Try working with power affirmations, which when used correctly, can help develop the kind of positive thinking you want.

6) Choose positive people: Surround yourself with positive people. If you’ve been negative for a while, you’ll find that you have a lot of negative people around you. So start surrounding yourself with positive people. They’ll help you stay positive and give you the kind of advice that will help you in life. Negative people don’t help you and will make life more difficulty or increase your stress levels.


Powerful Affirmations – The Secret to Positive Thinking
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Under the law of attraction, success and wealth will be drawn to you. Isn’t this how you have always pictured your life? The secret to getting to this wonderful place in life is changing your mindset. Listening to the powerful affirmations is the key to getting you there, to the success mindset.

The power of positive thinking can be yours, as can the success, wealth and self-confidence that comes with it. Do not give up hope when it is within your grasp. Start the journey to living the life of your dreams. Start the journey today by streaming the 500 Positive Affirmations – The Secret to Positive Thinking audio session now.






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