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Use Law of Attraction affirmations to create love, peace, joy, prosperity and a sense of well-being. Today is the start of a new life for you! In this video, Louise Hay gives you a one-hour [More]
Attracting Your Mirror Self – The Law of Attraction I found this video and couldn’t resist sharing it. The message it gives is universal and speaks to the soul. Please Enjoy.   Using the Law [More]
    Positive Thinking – Eliminate Negative Self-Talk Positive thinking, your overall attitude and how you see the world directly impacts your life. The kind of optimistic positive thinking helps you manage stress better, improves [More]
  Using Binaural Beats to Attract Abundance & Wealth ~ Affirmations   Affirmations for money, wealth and prosperity are one of the well accepted and also an easy way to train the mind to focus [More]
  Abraham Hicks: Attracting the Perfect Soul Mate | Law of Attraction Using the Law of Attraction, and The Art of Allowing, Abraham Hicks confirms that your perfect soulmate is waiting for you in your [More]
  Intuition is that little inner voice that talks to us time and again, yet most of us seldom pay close attention to it. This is because this voice never yells or argues, but gives [More]
  The Law Of Attraction - Power of Gratitude Increase the Power of Law of Attraction Gratitude With Visual Meditation The law of attraction has fast become an everyday part of our lives and one [More]
    Hey, fellas…got trouble finding the girl of your dreams?  Or, just finding a sweet girl to be friends with?  Have you got low self-confidence?  Let the Law of Attraction help you. Listen to [More]
  Subliminal relaxing meditation will help you to tune into high vibrational frequencies that will harness the power of the law of attraction in your life. Whether you want to attract money, prosperity, love or new [More]
  At Last!   An Explanation of The #Law of Attraction…that Makes it Easy To Understand! ( Click on LINKS to receive your Free gifts )     FREE LOA E-Book and Audio fully explain [More]
  Bob Proctor & The Secret - Law of Vibrations Law of Attraction - Thought Vibrations   Bob Proctor on The Secret. Bob talks about thought vibrations and The Secret.    Here's an excerpt from [More]
“BUY” your Abundant Mind Movies Here!   Visualization Law of Attraction – Training With ABUNDANT MIND Movies STOP DREAMING ABOUT THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE, AND START LIVING IT... There is no better time [More]
Find the “Missing Link” to the Law of Attraction! If the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you, it’s because there’s a missing link…a link referred to as “Destiny Tuning”!   Now, you can learn [More]
  Law of Attraction Manifestation – Give Thanks for What You Have How Celebrities Use The Law Of Attraction  Denzel Washington gives a motivational speech to aspiring actors on achieving and living the life of their [More]
  Law of Gratitude… The Starting Point for The Law of Attraction! One of the most power clearing methods of all time is also one of the simplest. It can almost instantly transform your ability [More]