Let Your Desires Flow To You Through Subliminal Relaxing Meditation

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Subliminal relaxing meditation will help you to tune into high vibrational frequencies that will harness the power of the law of attraction in your life. Whether you want to attract money, prosperity, love or new friends, these subliminal suggestions will provide a tremendous boost to your law of attraction efforts.



Get Ready for Powerful Affirmations 

It’s time to relax and meditate. Clear your mind and body of all stress and tension. Only this moment exists. Let your feet and legs intentionally relax. Then your entire body. Feel the state of calmness enwrap you… all the time still being alert. Relax your arms, shoulders and neck. Become more and more relaxed with every passing moment. Think about nothing! Let go of all your thoughts. Your consciousness is floating as you feel nothingness and calm. Meditate daily. Totally relax whenever you so choose. Choose to relax now in this moment. Feel waves of relief spreading through your body and mind. Now you are totally relaxed. You are in control and peaceful.


Read this aloud….and listen to these powerful messages!


Subliminal Positive Affirmations
I believe everything happens for my highest good
My positive vibrational energy attracts more and more abundance
I allow myself to receive the wonderful gifts from the universe
I am always thankful for the gifts the universe is sending me
The law of attraction is always fair and gives me what I emotionally focus on
All good things are coming to me
I feel worthy, valuable and deserving and the universe responds properly to those emotions
I magnetize beautiful things when my vibrational frequency is raised
Every moment feels wonderful
The world is magnificent and I truly appreciate everything about it
I let the natural well-being flow to me
My biggest passions are manifesting for me right now
Life is supposed to be good for me; this is my natural right
I am successfully using the law of attraction to accomplish my visions
I sync up with the energy of abundance and it is always sustainable
I maintain positive emotions and they are always in alignment with my desires
I easily create high vibrational frequency and my goals are coming to me naturally