Intuition and The Law of Attraction

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Trust your Feelings! Live the Life of YOUR Dreams!


Intuition is that little inner voice that talks to us time and again, yet most of us seldom pay close attention to it. This is because this voice never yells or argues, but gives us little, barely noticeable nudges continuously. In order to ‘hear’ your inner voice, you must be in sync with your feelings and emotions as well as in a serene state that promotes awareness.

The main reason you don’t hear your inner voice is because of the continuous noise and mind chatter that rule your days, especially if you have a busy, active life. When you’re in this state, your mind will attend to the most urgent duties, while putting the little voice that matters so much in your life on the back burner.

You can easily identify with your logical voice… the voice that warns you against danger and keeps you functioning throughout the day in a sense of constant alert. Your logical voice may even build up imaginary fears for you; things that have not happened and most likely, never will. These kinds of thoughts waste your time and drain your energy.

When you become aware of this, you can decide to commit to re-training your mind, which is a must for a happier, more relaxed life experience that will allow for more manifesting of those things you desire.

Awakening to your intuition is like having a good friend right by your side at all times. If you don’t re-train your mind, your thoughts run on autopilot based on what you recorded in your mind while you were growing up and your environment. This creates a barrier that is tough to break unless you become aware of it, and then do something about it.

Intuition and The Law of Attraction

As you know, the Law of Attraction states that you are what you think about most. This is where the logical voice “commandeers” your day (for most people), and then they ask themselves why they are not manifesting their desires.

Here’s the deal! To speed up your manifesting abilities you MUST “consult” with both, your logical voice and your intuition voice.

Your inner voice is always present, you just have to train yourself to listen to it. Once you do, you’ll be working with two very powerful forces, that of logic that comes from your thinking processes, and that of inner wisdom that comes from your heart. They both meet in your mind and guide you as a beacon.

Thus, the union of both intuition and the Law of Attraction, will allow you to open many doors and discover opportunities that you couldn’t see before. When you bring into play both voices, you attract more of what you want. Your inner voice is part of your subconscious and is always at your beck and call just waiting to be heard.