How To Create Miracles In Your Life – Law Of Attraction Seminar

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Use The Force of Attraction To Create Miracles in Your Life

When an object or thing draws another to itself, it attracts something. For example, when a person attracts another person, good or bad to themselves, that’s a type of magnetic force. And when a person tends to attract negative people and situations, that’s a result of the same principle.

How can you then make magnetic attraction work for you? Start off by understanding the law of attraction and how it can help in your life. The principles of the law of attraction are that you first must decide what you want, then you put out a request for the universe to give you what you want.


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Some people refer to this as praying. The idea is to acknowledge what you want in a way that’s most comfortable for you. Then you must believe that you will obtain it.

When you do these things, you use magnetic attraction to attract the things you desire. You’ve created a force through your thoughts and beliefs that will pull the things you want your way.

This helps you understand the principles behind positive thinking and deliberate creation when you start using the principles of attraction in your life. With the focus on positive thoughts you have the power to create miracles in your life, believing it’s possible and even visualizing them in your mind.

Start off by relaxing to the point of almost meditating. With your mind’s eye, see yourself creating the miracle you have been wanting…the money you desired…in your hands…or the love of your life next to you, walking hand in hand.

This same approach can be used in other areas of your life as well. You must know what you want, believe that you can have it and see yourself getting it. This positive thought and belief will then put out a magnetic pull to the things you want to pull to yourself.

If you drown yourself in negative beliefs, you may draw negativity to yourself because like attracts like. If you surround yourself with positive belief and positive thought, however, you will attract those things to you in the same manner.

You can see the truth of the principle when you think of people and whom they attract. Positive people tend to attract positive friends and relationships, while negative people seem to always have one relationship crisis after another. Magnetic attraction can work in your relationships, your finances and in every part of your life.

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