How to Attract Money – Tips For A Wealthy Mindset

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How To Attract Money – Law of Attraction

It’s simple to attract money when you’re money conscious. Money flows to you –  money in many quantities and in every place you go. Of course, it needs the effort. Start becoming money conscious – money obssessed!  See yourself in possession of money! You are grateful for all money you already have and the money that is coming your way!

This is how Universe works. It gives what you ask for and what you picture in your mind. This is real! Attract great riches now!
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21 Tips For A Wealthy Mindset

1 – Change your vocabulary. Listen to a poor person talk, and you will quickly find that they speak with a great deal of negativity. If this is you, think carefully before you speak. Filter out negative speech when you hear it, minimize it when you speak it.
2 – Be disciplined. The wealthy delay gratification, the poor always demand immediate gratification. The poor get short term pleasure and long term pain.
3 – Seek opportunity in every situation, those who seek safety rarely gain wealth.
4 – Success must me summoned, you must make things happen. Opportunity does not fall into your lap. It must be sought out.
5 – Have a sense of urgency. The wealthy are driven by the need for success. Waiting around to be discovered returns nothing of value.
6 – Persist until wealth is yours. If you fall down, get back up. Losers quit at the first sign of trouble. You are a winner.
7 – Know that you must give value to receive value. The poor only think about what they can squeeze out of the government or their fellow man. You must think about your abundant future and how to create it.
8 – Be responsible for all circumstances in your life, and be ready to change those circumstances that are preventing you from achieving wealth.
9 – Use positive speech. The wealthy say “I can do it”, the poor say “I can’t.”
10 – Go where the wealthy go. Go to the finest hotel or restaurant in your city. Then just sit there in the lobby and soak in the wealthy vibrations.

11 – Limit your exposure to the media for 60 days. You will feel better and get more done. After the 60 days, go back, and you will see how negative the media is, and how it effects your life.
12 – Your thoughts are very powerful. Think thoughts of wealth, abundance, and happiness, and those things will start flowing into your life. Think about lack, and you will get lack. What you fear will be drawn to you.
13 – Get started. Losers have dreams, winners have concrete goals with specific tasks and deadlines.
14 – Stop with the hero worship. Who cares about millionaire sport heroes, or who the flavor-of-the-month movie star is dating. Spend your time creating YOUR dream life, not worshipping others.
15 – Always know that anyone can be rich. Money does not discriminate, and the wealthy are a very diverse group.
16 – Think of different ways to achieve wealth. If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs.
17 – Keep your wealth ideas to yourself. Most friends and family do not want you to succeed. Some fear you will make them look inferior. Others fear that you will leave.
18 – Do not follow, blaze your own trail. Being a follower never brings wealth.
19 – Your weekly goal should not be “I can’t wait until Friday.” It should be “I can’t wait to plan the next step towards being wealthy.”
20 – Regard wealth as a friend. Some cultures believe the pursuit of wealth is evil or dishonorable. Wipe those thoughts from your mind. Providing a comfortable life for you and your loved ones is truly honorable.
21 – Decide to be wealthy, then decide how.

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