Health and Wellness Through The Law of Attraction – Control Age and Body

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Maintaining a healthy and age-resistant body is entirely within our hands. Our physical health and outward age are merely a manifestation of our inner thoughts and beliefs, whether of conscious or unconsciously thought. We have complete power over whether we choose to accept premature aging or sickness into our bodies or not.

One of the greatest teachings from the Law of Attraction is that within our minds we have the power choose our thoughts, whether positive or negative and this can have an impact on our physical and mental health as well. Mind over matter is possible and by opening up our minds we can all develop our own powerful healing abilities.


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Aware of it or not, the powers of attraction are are always working. So, whatever is going on within our mind is often being reflected in the condition of our physical body. This is why any symptoms or ailments that our body displays should be received gratefully, as they are a warning signs that changes are needed. The most common cause of any emotional or physically illness is always because of some type of stress experienced. Unchecked negativity will continue to fester within us until it eventually spills over into some physical sign of illness. The answer is to eliminate all forms of physiological stress and refuse to allow any room in your mind for dwelling on the discomfort or worry of bad health. This allows your body the room and time needed to eliminate itself of all sicknesses. There should be no room for illness or aging in a body where the mind sees itself as absolutely perfect.

Learning how to use the Law of Attraction, using the visualization tools and Law of Attraction exercises that are available to us to become the masters of our minds, we can all filter out which thoughts we choose to listen to… controlling the amount of stress we permit into our bodies. Our goal is to strive to achieve complete health and feelings of well-being. It also works both ways, with health, wellness and exercise promoting positive thinking – give it a try!