Thought Vibrations

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@RichardW1488 @Smiley_Stanger @LadyLSpeaks I thought I answered this. I meant what I said. I can't not play. It's a part of me. The vibrations in my head.

@danielvankirk the fam had a silly night blasting 90's hip hop and dancing. When "Good Vibrations" came on, I thought: "You get one..."

the raising of Vibrations to become PURE ENERGY, moving BEYOND THOUGHT is another completely different Goal altogether. the first helps

Anyone else know someone who the pure thought of sends vibrations through your whole body?

One positive thought creates millions of positive vibrations #itsavibe

One must be aware of vibrations they emit through every act, word, and thought to control their karma. This awareness is mindfulness.

Then you start inflicting your damage onto others. I have sunk lower than I ever thought with my vibrations.

@yohanewing Wimp I love the vibrations. Thought you'd like it more 😛

it is the THOUGHT PROCESSES that must be changed. in other words, every Individual has to Change Ones self from low vibrations to High

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