Bob Proctor on Law Of Attraction Vibrations

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Bob Proctor & The Secret - Law of Vibrations

Law of Attraction - Thought Vibrations   Bob Proctor on The Secret. Bob talks about thought vibrations and The Secret.    Here's an excerpt from a great site for you to learn more about thought vibration and the Law of Attraction...   ...When we come to see that Thought is a force--a manifestation of energy, having a magnet-like power of attraction--we will begin to understand the why and wherefore of many things that have heretofore seemed dark to us. There is no study that will so well repay the student for his time and trouble as the study of the workings of this mighty law of the world of Thought--The Law of Attraction.   When we think, we send out vibrations of a fine ethereal substance, which are as real as the vibrations manifesting light, heat, electricity, and magnetism. That these vibrations are not evident to our five senses is no proof that they do not exist. A powerful magnet will send out vibrations and exert a force sufficient to attract to itself a piece of steel weighing a hundred pounds, but we can neither see, taste, smell, hear nor feel the mighty force...   (more)     download    

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