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Video:  Bob Proctor discusses how to let the Law of Attraction, which is always operating, work for you rather than against you. In accordance with the Law of Attraction, you attract into your life those [More]
    Hey, fellas…got trouble finding the girl of your dreams?  Or, just finding a sweet girl to be friends with?  Have you got low self-confidence?  Let the Law of Attraction help you. Listen to [More]
Find the “Missing Link” to the Law of Attraction! If the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you, it’s because there’s a missing link…a link referred to as “Destiny Tuning”!   Now, you can learn [More]
  Conversations With God…Excerpt In this video…excerpts from the book Conversations With God, God answers the questions that face most of us… Why is my life so hard?  What can I do to create the [More]
Law of Attraction Manifestations My mind movie with positive affirmations using the law of attraction and subliminal messages. Watch it daily and starts to see the positive changes in your lifestyle. Enjoy everyone! Song Used: [More]
Bob Proctor unveils the real cause of your past failures as he shows how to get everything you’ve ever wanted. Go to http://bit.ly/N53Q95 to receive FREE ‘high-value’ videos, audios and content that will turn around [More]
Check Out These FREE Videos on The Law of Attraction Hello my Law of Attraction friend… What if I told you that there is a series of visualization videos that will enable you manifest your [More]
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Want more inspiration? Visit http://www.bouncebackwebinar.com to watch a full length webinar” for FREE on “The 3 Step Proven Formula to Bounce Back — Instantly (and Higher than Ever) When Life Knocks You Down” with #1 [More]
A full-length movie on Wealth and Abundance What is the “Meta” secret to wealth and abundance?  How do I get more wealth and abundance?  Watch…and learn! With interviews by the experts in the field of The [More]
Terri Savelle Foy discusses a major key that will cause you to attract the kind of life you want.      
Check out the best of the best GUIDED MEDITATIONS download MP3 pack here. Top Value! http://vid.io/xqRg Following the law of attraction, begin to keep an attitude of gratitude and live in happiness! These spoken affirmations [More]
How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Love Once you realize the infinite possibilities of the Law of Attraction and apply them to your love life, your mediocre love life could take a miraculous [More]
We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the “Law [More]
How can I apply Law of Attraction to my health?   Michael will share how is applying Law of Attraction to support his weight reduction. When you consider the prospect of controlling your health with [More]
What is an Affirmation and How does it Help Us in Manifesting Our Desires? An affirmation is every repetitive thought we think or word we say, whether to ourselves or out loud. Some of these [More]
Video:   Creating Miracles in your Life…with the Law of Attraction!     Use The Force of Attraction To Create Miracles in Your Life When an object or thing draws another to itself, it attracts [More]
  Maintaining a healthy and age-resistant body is entirely within our hands. Our physical health and outward age are merely a manifestation of our inner thoughts and beliefs, whether of conscious or unconsciously thought. We [More]
How To Attract Money – Law of Attraction It’s simple to attract money when you’re money conscious. Money flows to you –  money in many quantities and in every place you go. Of course, it needs [More]